Alisa Leshkova
Christian Leshkov
«Emotion is really the only thing about pictures I find interesting. Beyond that it is just a trick»,
- Christopher Anderson.

About us

   Thank you for visiting us! Our names are Christian and Alice, and we have been working together for more than 5 years. We shoot the most moving and happy moments in family life: love stories, weddings, family shootings and all those important moments that occur throughout our lives.
   We are sure that in the modern world a family is one of the highest values that a person could possesses. The world is changing, but the most important thing remains in us: love for parents, for our soul mate, for our not even born children yet.
   This is what we must preserve and carry further into the depths of new worlds, new times.
    Therefore, photography for us is not just a shutter release, it is a whole life that has gone away in an instant, but has remained with us forever.
    This is the kind of photo we want to shoot, this is the kind of photo we want our children and grandchildren to see.
      If you see the world as we do, it means we live on the same wavelength, so the photos that we can take for you will carry the purest and brightest thing that you have in years to come!
    We believe in human sincerity. In moments of happiness a person is maximally open to everyone, he has nothing to hide.
   The smile of a modest girl, the look of a passionate man, all of this is part of yourself, and we try to transfer them into photos or in video so that yourself remember and know what you were, what you are, without falsehood and posturing.
    The best pictures and video frames are obtained when the whole situation is simple and easy, when there are no restrictions on pampering, expression of feelings, so we always try to create just such conditions on the photo shooting, naturally and unobtrusively.
    We love people and love to make new acquaintances, so no matter what is your event is, we would be glad to meet you!
Fearless photographers Award
WPE silver award 2020
Wpe award member