Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If you still have questions, please write to us and we will be happy to answer them.


Price of your service?
You can find absolutely all information regarding prices in the Price section.
Are you going to shoot in other cities?
Yes, we go to other cities, including outside the Moscow Region. In this case, additional expenses for travel and accommodation in excess of the amount will be required (at the rate of 50% of the additional costs, we and 50% are paid by the Customer), however, if the idea and elaboration of the shooting really interest us in its elaboration, non-standard, etc., we definitely can offer a discount on our services. Usually, when ordering us for a full day, such additional costs will not be significant. A particular case can be discussed in detail by contacting us!
Do you work by a contract?
Yes, we always sign a contract with our customers. In it we indicate the basic conditions of our work and our responsibilities towards the client! Also, if it is important for you to include elements important to you in the contract, we are always ready to listen to your wishes. Also, we always ready to discuse elements that important to you in a contract.
How to book you on specific date?
To book a date, you need to sign a contract and make a deposit of 30% of the selected package, 55% of the amount is paid on the wedding day and 15% on the day you receive the finished material.
Tell me, how long should I wait to get my photos and videos ready?

Wedding photos will be ready (the exact dates are indicated in the contract): photo up to 90 work days, video up to 120-180 work days. Usually, this period is shorter, but depends on the workload and terms of urgency in the contract. If you need to receive material faster, this is possible as an additional service. For a video, the timelines are just such in connection with the very large amount of time required to prepare the video (for example, it can take up to 12 hours of editing hours to create one minute of the wedding video), in addition, we try to make the most unique pieces that will really please you, and it takes time.

Is it necessary to meet in person?
In the vast majority of cases, a face-to-face meeting is mandatory, because at this meeting we signe a contract. In addition, at the meeting we will be able to find out the details of your wedding, suggest how to implement some of your ideas, give an advise based on our experience and suggest some interesting ideas from us. If a personal meeting is difficult for you, we can always hold a meeting-conference on Skype, remotely. )
Is it possible to conclude a contract with you remotely (via the Internet)?
We always prefer when it is possible to conclude a contract personally, however, when it is difficult, in a number of circumstances, we are ready to conclude a contract remotely. In this case, we ask you to bring such contract on the day of the event (before the registry office in case of the wedding day), where we once again sign it personally.
Do I need to look for a place for you when moving on a car?
We have our own car, so in most cases, you don’t have to look for a place for us when moving from one location to another. Own off-road transport also helps us to have everything we need at hand when needed and to freely deliver equipment to the filming location, wherever it is; however, we would ask you to pay parking costs for us.
What is the best time for photo-video shooting (on outside places)?
We always tell our customers that the best time to take a walk (outdoor shooting) is before 10.00 in the morning or after 16.00. If you shoot during the midday sun, you will inevitably lose soft shadows, a beautiful sunset and often have to deal with ugly shadows under the eyes. If there is no other way out and you have to shoot from 11.00 to 15.00, shooting the photo studio for 1-2 hours will be the best way out.
What good places to shoot can you recommend?

If you ask such a question, we can tell you exactly the best places that are right for you!

photo-video equipment

With what photo-video equipment are you shooting?
We shoot only on professional equipment, details (and cost) of such equipment can be found below.
What will you do if your equipment suddenly fails?
Since we use only professional equipment, this probability is extremely small. Nevertheless, so that the Customer would always be confident in us, we have a backup equipment for the "black hour", which is at hand on the day of filming. )))


Can you advise a reliable and excellent show Host, a DJ, a Makeup Artist?
For a long time, we were able to select those several excellent contractors (a show Host, a DJ, a Make-up Artist) for the excellent work of which we can vouch and recommend them to you. Moreover, if all the professionals at your event are well-established colleagues, you are very likely to be able to avoid the many pitfalls that are very common at major events.
How important is it for the photographer and the videographer to be on the same team?
If this were possible, it would help to save your time, because otherwise the photographer and the videographer would have to devote obviously more time on the shoot, since simultaneous work could be problematic, as a result, the total amount of time spent on the shooting would have to be increased. In addition, a well-coordinated team has less chance of various unforeseen difficulties, which is also important on the day when everything should go as smoothly as possible.
Why is a good makeup artist is a must have at a wedding and why do we insist on a test makeup?
Wedding makeup is one of the most significant keys to successful photo and video shooting. Even if the bride has perfect skin, but the make-up artist put a tone on the face that does not match the entire skin tone, or made an incorrect face correction, or the bride did not like the makeup of the eyes, etc. etc. then all this would not be reflected in the photo in the best way. Not to mention the fact that the makeup should stay on throughout whole the wedding day, withstand not only photos and videos, but also tears of joy and numerous kisses. Therefore, to avoid unpleasant incidents at the wedding itself, it is extremely important to find your makeup artist and conduct a “test makeup” with him.